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I am happy to welcome you on my page. Here you will find pictures and their stories as well as photographs about everything and nothing.

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Enjoy your visit everytime anew.

Your Wandering Dragon

If you don't turn your life into a story, you just become a part of   someone else's story.  - Terry Pratchett -  

Getting back to work

My latest activity was reduced to a more or less weekly upload of some of my pictures to instagram and facebook. But now it is also time for some updates in here. I am currently working on some really interesting updates to the page.  

Besides a new article about the pictures you were recently able to see on my facebook appearance to the medieval festival Cave Gladium in Furth im Wald, I am also working on my first video composition. It will be a mixture of pictures and video scenes I took during the two battles at this festival. 

The other big change I want to implement is a section about my upcoming trip to Australia. This will include some information about how I did the planning. How I am going to travel and in the end some actual stories from the road.


There is much coming in the next time.


Stay tuned.

Your Wandering Dragon


The Emerald City

Whaaaaaahhh ..... what happened to the last months? What have I done, where have I been. After I returned from my so awesome vacation in Canada and the USA I got caught by work completely. But no excuses anymore. A new year started and tons of new year resolutions came along. One of them definetely was "Get your ass up, do more, and write about / show where you have been.". Yes you are right, that is more than just one in this expression. Nonetheless I am going to try my very best :) Have fun and I hope you like my first article this year.

Here is your way to the Emerald City!

Your Wandering Dragon