A night at the museum.

You probably remember this movie series where dinosaurs get alive and the skulptures from the easter islands are chewing gum with making bubbles, where a clueless guy is doing a job as nightwatch in the local museum of natural history and gets scared about the different events happening each night. 

The local night at the museum has been a bit less dramatical. But in fact - just a little bit. 

All started with the try of taking part in a geocashing event that was offered in the nearby city castle. As you clearly observed it all stayed at a try. There were only five GPS devices available, which, how else should it have been, were all gone and the waiting list was already filled with 7 more names. In addition the sorrounding was not very pleasent, too. Can you imagine a wine festival in a city where 'Schützenfest' is a permanent feature in local weekend activities. It is nearly the same except that loads of beer (what they think is beer) were exchanged by wine. This makes it somewhat better, but not enough to like it. Loud music, which is not even listenable when you are drunk, and a  very special kind of attendees. 

After this disappointment we went to the HNF the worlds biggest computer museum (at least they call it like that). I have never seen it that crowded. Beside the regular exhibition about the evolution of calculating and computers there were several actions for children to get in touch with these topics.

Calculating with rods like in early China or Napier's version with special numbered sticks were presented directly to the children and grown ups. You were also able to watch the demonstration of a power-loom with punchcards a technology from the early 19th century. 

You could see, the museum was really alive but gladly just in a positive way, without wars and unexpected aliveness of things. Okay,  that was a lie. There were bad influencing things like an always present smell of food without ever seeing the origin of it or the PainStation. Yes, you read it right, a PainStation. 

The PainStation is an art project from the early 2000's where you can play pong and get hurt for every ball you missed. The firs stage is a heat under your hand, followed by strokes with a gum strip on top of your hand and even electric shocks. No we didn't try it til the end. I already gave up after the heat under my hand but my friends were a bit braver.

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