A supreme disciplin of photography?

The question about "What is the supreme disciplin of photography?" has been risen often. One says it is the way a pictures is composed, someone else says it is the ability to catch a moment in a perfect way (with all emotions transported to the one looking at the picture) and yet another says it is only depending on your own technical skills.

But what is it for me? Taking stunning pictures of a scenery, editing it with as much photoshop as possible and letting it still look like a picture taken as it is, is not what I am calling this. Also some really spectacular portrait photos is not what I would call the supreme disciplin of photography. Sure it is all great work and work I maybe might not achieve at any time. But still it is not the supreme disciplin for me. 

For me astral photography is what I call the supreme disciplin. You are dependant to many aspects. On the one hand you need tons of knowledge about everything (your camera, the techniques of photography itself, the constellation of stars, ...). So much time and work has just faded away by studying and practicing. And on the other hand you need time and luck. For example, if you are having a nice day with clear sky, going to a place without (much) light pollution, place your tripod in the right position, prepare the camera and everything seems to be just perfect the weather might thwart you with clouds or unexpected rain. So being able to catch those distant and shining objects in an absolute dark surrounding without any possibility to adjust the sharpness in the end, this is the supreme discipline of photography to me.

My first steps into this area can be found on the following subpages.

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