Perseid meteor shower in 2015.

The Perseid meteor shower is a yearly meteor shower that reaches its peak around 11th - 14th  August. 

I was facing several difficulties during my attempt. First of all I am not used to the camera I am using as she is rather new. It is my first DSLR and I'm trying to handle it like my further Lumix FZ30 (the way how I knew it worked in different situations). Furthermore at the place where I took the pictures (on my balcony) there is tons of direct and indirect light pollution. Last but not least in addition there were many clouds passing by that evening and night. All that did not keep me from trying those pictures. I was very excited to test my camera in every conceivable situation. So this had to be done too.

I am aware that I am far from being a good or even a semi-professional photographer but I wanted to try it. I did my researches on other settings with night skies and stars.

With that in mind the following two pictures are those I took.

Perseid meteor shower - falling star
Falling star in 08/2015

Focal length: 29mm

Exposure:      25s

Apperture:     f/4.0

ISO:                 1600

Ursa Major - Großer Wagen
Ursa Major - 08/2015

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