I love food! Not just  because it is a necessity to live but also because it is fun to prepare.

Some would just open a ready-to-eat meal put some additional spices onto it, heat it up and call that cooking. For me instead, cooking is a process of creativity. Sometimes I don't know how the meal will turn out in the end but most of the time it was delicious.

I am no fancy star cook nor want to be one. I just enjoy creating food from the scratch, trying out things once just to have it done and be able to say 'Whew, I now know how much work is set into this, I don't need to do that again'. This for example was the result after I took a shot at making the Scottish specialty Haggis. 

For cooking I prefer using seasonal and regional products where possible. Using seasonal fruits or vegetables is also a chance to make experiences in how to vary one product in as many ways as possible. Furthermore I get confrontated with crops I might not have bought by myself due to an ordered fruit and vegetable box from a local farmer.

Another wonderful side effect of cooking food is enjoing it in a group of friends or sharing it with them. To see the faces change when they spot the different flavors is always gratifying. 

On the following subpages you will find pictures of food I made.

Enjoy your visit and stay curious!

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