Back to the 50's.

Listening to music from the 50's like rock'n'roll, rockabilly, or some jazz is always cheering up my mind and sets me in a good mood. It makes my feet move, a smile comes to my lips and the wish for just having fun and enjoying the time is already present. Things seem to be easier then. 

From time to time there are some concerts playing this music even those days. Like travelling in time young and old are having fun, dacing and enjoying their time. But what is missing is a nice new dress for this.

Instead of buying one I wanted to try and sew one on my own. In the following posts you can read about my struggle and the result in the end.

Enjoy your own time travel experience with the sound of the 50's.

Here is Part 1 of my sewing experience

Followed by Part 2 

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