Space Needle - view from Lake Union
Space Needle - view from Lake Union

Seattle - The Emerald City.

No, I am not talking about the Wizzard of Oz but of Seattle a city in Washington, USA. It happened that I spent some days there in the beginning of October 2015. It was a great time there although it rained a lot compared to the other days of my vacation. You will get a read about it later some time.


These days were filled with a lot of first times. YAY!! That's so exciting just remembering all this today again.


Where to start? I was lucky and have had an awesome time when doing Couchsurfing there. What, Couchsurfing?  YES! My first time couchsurfing was with a very kind and helping retired woman. She lived in a suburb of Seattle but offered me to bring me into the city and fetch me up in the evening again. Hence no trouble with public transportations. A big plus when you are staying in a foreign city. For me couchsurfing was a very good way and experience to get in direct contact with people of the place where I stayed. Interesting conversations with her and another woman that stayed there included. I was able to learn more about people and even got a good advice on what to explore in  Seattle.


Another first time experience was my hiking tour to the inactive volcano Mt. Rainier. That day I've been really lucky because I had good weather again. Hooray!!  Blue sky, shining sun and a pleasant drive there with my host. (Did I mention she was really awesome). We arrived after a two hour drive. The change of the landscape was impressive. Not just there but also on the way there.

We entered the Nationalpark at the Nisqually entrance and parked the car at the Longmire Museum. With my host's other guest, an older but very interesting and nature loving woman, I started to walk  the "Trail of Shadows". This is a very easy path through the woods and around a small pond. A good start for my (also easy) hiking path. Because I was completely out of training and having aching muscles of a medium categorized hiking trail in Canada some days before, I decided to stay at the easy end of the trails there. The final route I hiked was starting at the "Trail of Shadows" continuing on the "Rampard Ridge Trail", which has a very curvy and sloping start but an even more breathtaking view down to Longmire on the one hand and to Mt. Rainier and its different peaks on the other hand, and finishing the route on a part of the "Wonderland Trail".

In my next post about this city I will show you a bit of Seattle's underground and why the EMP museum is worth a visit.


Have fun and keep hiking.

Your Wandering Dragon

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