First of all you may be thinking 'what weirdo is doing this hundredth blog?' Lets see.


I was born as earth dragon and feel really close to both, the earth and dragons. Dragons of all kinds of mythology, tales and cultures are fascinating and characterize me. How? In the asian cultures dragons are symbols for positive events and protection. Their shape represents all elements of the earth. Also in old scandinavian tales the dragon is a protector from the viscious. Later on dragons were more and more changed to the opposite in the western mythology, representing droughts, unaccountable events and as enemies for brave knights. For me all that means I have a lifelong friend who protects me in two ways and gets me closer to where I belong: the earth. All I need to do is make sure that no one kills my own dragon.


One of my hobbies is doing archery. It gives me the opportunity to find my inner peace, to focus on myself and let me strengthen my body. In this connection I want to refrain from most helping equipment. I am shooting a bare horse bow without arrow rest and nocking point that has ~30#. Additionally I am training on my english longbow with 38#. My aim is not to win any competitions but to improve myself in finding equilibrium and a healthier way of life.


My passion for travelling was born when I sat in a plane for the first time in the 4th grade. Since then I explored near and far whenever possible. With travelling I am able to satisfy my curiosity for other places and cultures. Every place and person has a story to tell. I want to know these stories and develop my own. Every new experience I make brings me further on my way through life. My interest in taking pictures is one helpful way to capture the scenery of a story. You will find some of those stories on this website.